May Ao Group

Your satisfaction is our intention

The May Ao Group has been providing a-grade seafood products for nearly three decades. Founded in Bangkok in 1991 the company has expanded rapidly over the years. Today, the May Ao Group is known as A FOODS 1991 CO., LTD., and continues to provide the finest frozen shrimp and value-added products to happy customers around the globe, exporting daily to Europe, the United States, Australia, the Middle East, and many Asian countries.

Thailand’s Leading Seafood Manufacturer and Exporter

As a group we guarantee the highest level of quality in both our product range and entire production process, furthermore we understand that flexibility and convenience hold great importance to our customers, and pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure their full satisfaction with every order. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and production service levels we maintain the HACCP certification by Thailand’s Department of Fisheries, as well as:

Flexible Service and Orders – Because We Work for You

As a company we have faith in the traditions that have helped us grow, and that’s why we remain faithful to our manual production process. It’s the only process that guarantees our clients the quality of frozen shrimp products they’ve come to expect from us. Only highly skilled workers make up our workforce. These men and women work tirelessly, checking each and every cooked and frozen shrimp for quality, and packing breaded shrimp, Japanese food, and raw or cooked shrimp by hand in order to fulfill our customers’ orders. With many well-known international brands as customers, including HN Foods International Ltd., DBA Rymer International Seafood, Aqua Star, and Red Chamber, we believe that the time, care, and patience we put into every order has helped distinguish us from the crowd.
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