May Ao – High-Quality Shrimp Products Proudly Made in Thailand

In 1991, Thailand had already earned a reputation for its high-quality shrimp. More and more importers were turning to the Kingdom to satisfy growing demands in the global market.

This trend sparked our founder’s vision – he saw how he and his team of four could supply neighboring countries with high-quality Thai shrimp, but with attention to detail, integrity, and a level of customer service that would set their business apart in the region.

A History of Service and Success

From that team of four grew a prosperous business based on the values of honesty, reliability, and consistent customer-focused service. May Ao Group began to export premium frozen shrimp to places as far away as Japan, the Middle East, America, and Europe (in Mandarin Chinese, “May” means America and “Ao” means Europe).

Four workers became 100, and 100 became 2,000. The production line grew, but to maintain the highest quality and best serve customers, all processing work was always done by hand. Raw and cooked shrimp were packaged together, more variety was added to the available products, and May Ao products were shipped to new markets.

Today, May Ao Group is known as A Food 1991, a call back to the company’s roots. The company still operates on the ground where its first factory was built, in the Rama II area of Bangkok. But it has also expanded to a larger plant in Samut Prakarn for Mayao Foods Co.,ltd., one with greater capacity, more cold storage space, and a huge production line.

Looking to the Future

A Food 1991 has always been a family company. Three generations of leaders have turned the company into the success it is today.

As the world evolves, the family’s business must adapt. A Food 1991 has embraced technology and looked to expand production even further. But one thing that will never change is the commitment to core company values, putting the needs of customers first and providing consistently reliable service.

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