Ready-to-Eat Shrimp Products

As the May Ao Group has grown over time, our family has always sought ways to better serve our clients. When we began to expand, purchasing new production equipment and adding to our factory space, we began to take our world-class shrimp and create delicious ready-to-eat meals that increase consumer appeal while saving our clients time and money:

Japanese-style gyoza
Spaghetti with shrimp
Thai-style curries
Pad Thai

Shrimp Snacks

Our snacks feature our signature a-grade shrimp, sourced from our suppliers in Thailand. Each ready-to-eat snack comes with a different twist.

Mini Shrimp Dim Sum

Our Mini Dim Sum brings favorite Asian flavors to life. The classic Chinese steamed buns, called bao, are soft and delicate. Stuffed with taro, red bean, and sweet cream, they make the perfect addition to a cup of tea. When warmed, they turn into a sweet, delicious treat enjoyed any time of day. The shrimp wontons burst with flavor when steamed.

Tender and toothsome, they are paired with a fantastic soy sauce. Delicious Steamed Dumplings from original Chinese recipe make a great and refreshing meal right at your kitchen table.

Shrimp Filo Pastry

This tasty tail-on-shrimp filo pastry puts a distinctive spin on shrimp snacks.

Shrimp Skewers

Enjoy breaded and skewered Vannamei white shrimp with a mouth-watering cocktail sauce.

Shrimp Samosas

An all-time favorite – Shrimp samosas feature a unique and exotic taste.

Value Added Shrimp Meals

Our Value Added meals are customer-friendly, ready-to-eat dishes. From Thai classics to Japanese and Western favorites, including marinated shrimp skewers, our Value Added meals take the hassle out of cooking, giving customers a great tasting experience in minutes.

Value Added Desserts

Bua Loy

Bua Loy, the traditional Thai dessert that features sweet and starchy balls of taro bathed in coconut milk, is an all-time favorite of our customers. Neither cloying nor bland, May Ao’s Bua Loy comes perfectly balanced, packaged to stay fresh, and prepared by hand, guaranteeing its quality.

Tub Tim Krob

Tub Tim Krob, literally meaning “crispy pomegranate seeds,” is a classic Thai treat. Stuffed water chestnuts float in a sweet blend of coconut milk and crushed ice. The texture and taste of our Tub Tim Krob will make your taste buds sing.

Dedication to Quality and Service

We adhere to the same dedication to product quality into our desserts as we do to all our food, so you know you will receive a top-notch product every time. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Order What You Need – We’re Happy to Customize Your Shipment

We’re happy to pack your ready-to-eat shrimp products in the same container as your other cooked or raw shrimp from May Aoץ Contact us for more information about how we can customize your shipment.

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