Japanese Shrimp Products – A Taste of Japan with A-Grade Shrimp

Japan has long been renowned for its food. We believe that our succulent shrimp is the perfect partner for Japanese culinary traditions.

Our cooked-alive premium shrimp has the right texture to balance Panko breading and tempura batter. What’s more, we provide some of the finest sushi-grade shrimp on the market. Our ebi sushi comes cooked, peeled, deveined, and butterflied, with the tail left on, making it ready to eat from the moment it comes off the shelf.

Flexible Packaging to Your Requirements

We are happy to pack your Japanese shrimp products in the same container as your other cooked or raw shrimp from May Ao. Contact us for more information about how we can customize your shipment.

A Few of Our Japanese Products

Premium Cut Shrimp: Ebi Sushi, Nobashi, Muki, Panko-fried Shrimp, Tempura Shrimp, Shrimp Gyoza and More
Sushi Ebi
Size Length
L 7.0-7.5 cm
2L 7.5-8.0
3L 8.0-8.5
4L 8.5-9.0
5L 9.0-9.5
6L 9.5-10.00

Packing: 30pcs/20tray, 20pcs/tray, customer’s request.

  • Nobashi
    Indication Size Packing Weight (gm/tray) Length (cm.)
    16/20 20pcx30tray/ctn 280 14-15
    21/25 20pcx30tray/ctn 240 13-14
    26/30 20pcx30tray/ctn 200 12-13
    31/40 20pcx30tray/ctn 160 11-12
  • Sushi Alive Shrimp
    Our Sushi with Alive Shimp will take you to a delicate yet fresh taste of firmness only fresh shrimp can deliver. This is Premium Grade product we proudly present within our brand.
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